NESCAFÉ® Alegria Model 8/60

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NESCAFÉ® Alegria Model 8/60

Coffee machines are an essential part of offices today. Reward your hard-working employees to a taste of great quality coffee each time and every-time with the NESCAFÉ® Alegria Model 8/60 coffee machine. This coffee machine is great for large offices and can provide nearly 60 to 80 cups of freshly brewed coffee.



This stylish, simple and reliable coffee machine is great for offices. NESCAFÉ® Alegria Model 8/60 is easy to operate with 8 consumer options and provides upto 60 cups a day.

The coffee machine is also easy to fill, clean and maintain.

Model Description

  1. Cannisters – 4
  2. Menu Selections – 6
  3. Espresso cup stand
  4. Hot water boiler (2.2L)

Additional information


Nestle Nescafe




H:66 cm x W:4cm x D:56 cm


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