Rainbow Quality Milk Portion – 10x15g

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Rainbow Quality Milk Portion – 10x15g

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Rainbow Milk Portion 10x15g is a practical and reliable choice for providing individual servings of milk in office settings, ensuring freshness and convenience for employees without the need for refrigeration.

Rainbow Quality – Fresh Milk for your office pantry supplies.

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Rainbow Milk Portion 10x15g offers convenient individual servings of milk. Rainbow Milk Portion 10x15g provides precisely measured servings of milk, ensuring consistent and controlled use. Each portion is sealed in hygienic packaging, safeguarding the milk from external contaminants and preserving its quality and freshness. These portions do not need refrigeration, making them suitable for various environments, including offices without easy access to a fridge. They typically have a long shelf life, offering flexibility in storage and use over an extended period. The individual servings help reduce waste, as employees can use the exact amount of milk they need without any excess.

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