Lux Handwash – Velvet Touch – 500mL

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Lux Handwash – Velvet Touch – 500mL

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Lux Handwash may incorporate moisturizing ingredients to help maintain the skin’s moisture balance, leaving the hands feeling soft and supple. It embodies the fusion of effective cleansing and a touch of luxury.

Lux Handwash – 500ml – Velvet Touch

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Lux Handwash stands out as a popular liquid soap product that emphasizes effective cleansing alongside a sense of indulgence. This handwash has gained prominence and is favored by individuals seeking both hygiene and a touch of luxury.

Cleansing Efficacy: Lux Handwash is designed to effectively remove dirt and impurities from the hands, promoting cleanliness and hygiene. It offers a convenient solution for maintaining hand hygiene throughout the day.

Pleasant Fragrances: One of the distinctive features of Lux Handwash is the range of pleasant fragrances it offers. These fragrances contribute to a sense of well-being and freshness after each use.

Gentle Formulation: Lux Handwash is often formulated to be gentle on the skin, minimizing the risk of dryness or irritation. This makes it suitable for regular use by individuals with varying skin types.

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