Vileda Tip-Top Sponge

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Vileda Tip-Top Sponge

7.77 د.إ - Including VAT

Offices typically keep a supply of sponges in stock to ensure that cleaning tasks can be efficiently carried out. They are readily available through office supply vendors or general retailers. Regularly replacing sponges or using disposable sponges in shared office spaces can promote hygienic practices and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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Use sponges for general cleaning and maintenance tasks in offices. Wipe down surfaces, remove dust, clean spills and help others to keep the workspace tidy and presentable by using Vileda Sponges. Wash dishes, cups, and utensils in office kitchens. They help maintain a clean and hygienic environment for employees to prepare and enjoy their meals and snacks. For scrubbing and cleaning bathroom fixtures, sinks, and countertops, use heavy duty sponges. They are essential for maintaining a clean and sanitary restroom for employees and visitors.  Remove dry-erase marks from white-boards or chalk-boards, ensuring that boards are ready for presentations and notes using sponges in offices.



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