Twinings Earl Grey Tea – 25 Tea bags

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Twinings Earl Grey Tea – 25 Tea bags

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Earl Grey tea pairs well with a variety of foods, including scones, shortbread, citrus-infused pastries and light sandwiches. Twinings is known for its high-quality tea bags, which are designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the tea leaves.

Twinings Classics – Earl Grey with Citrus Bergamot Flavour – Packaging – 25 Tea bags

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Twinings Earl Grey tea is a classic and well-loved blend of black tea infused with the citrusy and aromatic flavor of bergamot.

Flavor Profile: Twinings Earl Grey tea is characterized by the distinctive flavor of bergamot, a type of citrus fruit. The citrus notes are balanced with the bold and robust flavor of black tea, creating a harmonious and aromatic blend.

Aromatic Experience: As the tea steeps, the aroma of bergamot becomes more pronounced, creating a delightful sensory experience.

  • Serving: To prepare a cup of Twinings Earl Grey tea, place a tea bag in a cup, pour freshly boiled water over it, and steep for 3-5 minutes. You can adjust the steeping time to achieve your preferred strength of flavor.
  • Customization: Some people enjoy adding a splash of milk or a slice of lemon to their Earl Grey tea, although it’s traditionally served without milk.

Teabag Convenience: Twinings offers Earl Grey tea in convenient teabags, allowing you to enjoy this classic blend without the need for loose tea and a teapot.

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