SIS Raw Sugar – 1Kg

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SIS Raw Sugar – 1Kg

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Raw sugar, also known as unrefined or natural sugar, has gained popularity in recent years due to its perceived health benefits compared to highly processed white sugar. Raw sugar is often used as an alternative sweetener to white sugar in various recipes, providing a different taste and texture. SIS raw sugar packets enhance the office experience by providing employees with a convenient and customizable sweetening solution for their beverages.

SIS Raw Sugar – 1Kg

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SIS raw sugar is suitable for sweetening various beverages commonly consumed in offices, including coffee, tea, and more. It is typically available in individual packets or sachets, providing a convenient way to portion and distribute sugar in office settings. The use of individual packets helps maintain hygiene in communal areas by preventing cross-contamination. They are compact and easy to store in office kitchen or pantry areas, ensuring a readily available sweetening option for employees.

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