Modest – Highlighter – 1x10s – Yellow

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Modest – Highlighter – 1x10s – Yellow

Yellow is a color that is easy on the eyes and can reduce eye strain, especially when reading for extended periods. Yellow highlights are effective even when documents are printed in black and white, ensuring that the highlighted information remains noticeable. They are particularly useful when highlighting longer passages or sections, as they provide a clear visual guide for reading.

Modest Highlighter Pens – 1x10s – Yellow


Yellow highlighters are among the most commonly used highlighter colors, and they offer several benefits that make them popular for various purposes. Here are some key benefits of using yellow highlighters:

  1. High Visibility: Yellow is a bright and highly visible color, making it easy to locate and identify highlighted information on a page.
  2. Contrast with Text: Yellow provides a strong contrast with most text and printed materials, making the highlighted information stand out clearly.
  3. Readability: When used appropriately, yellow highlights enhance the readability of documents by drawing attention to important passages without obscuring the text.
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