Staedtler Norica – Pencil with Eraser Top – 1x12s

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Staedtler Norica – Pencil with Eraser Top – 1x12s

The Staedtler Norica pencil is favored by many users for its quality, durability, and smooth writing performance. Due to its durable construction and break-resistant lead, the Staedtler Norica has a long lifespan, making it a reliable option for everyday use.


The Staedtler Norica is a popular and reliable pencil from the well-known German stationery brand, Staedtler. It is designed to provide a smooth and consistent writing experience while maintaining a high level of durability. Here are some key features and details about the Staedtler Norica pencil:

  1. High-Quality Lead: The Staedtler Norica is equipped with high-quality graphite lead, available in various pencil grades. This ensures clean and precise lines, making it suitable for writing, drawing, and sketching.
  2. Break-Resistant Lead: The Norica pencil has a break-resistant lead that reduces the likelihood of lead breakage while writing or sharpening the pencil.
  3. Easy Sharpening: The Norica pencil sharpens easily to a fine point, allowing for precise details and smooth writing.
  4. Hexagonal Barrel: The pencil has a hexagonal barrel design, providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip during use.


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