Teekane Green Tea – Ginger Orange – 1x20s

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Teekane Green Tea – Ginger Orange – 1x20s

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Green tea’s potential health benefits, including antioxidant support and contributions to metabolism and cardiovascular health, are present in this blend.

Teekane Green Tea – with Ginger and Orange Flavour

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Teekanne Green Tea Ginger Orange combines the refreshing qualities of green tea. With the zest of ginger and the citrusy brightness of orange, this blend offers a harmonious fusion of flavors and potential health benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what Teekanne Tea delivers:

Aroma: The blend creates an engaging aromatic experience through the combination of green tea, ginger, and orange.

Citrusy Infusion: Orange infusion introduces a vibrant citrus note, contributing to the tea’s overall profile. Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C and enhance the flavor experience.

Zesty Ginger: The blend incorporates ginger, adding a delightful zing and warmth. Ginger is renowned for its potential to reduce inflammation and aid digestion.

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