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Eveready Torch

12.29 د.إ - Including VAT

Including Eveready torches in office supplies ensures that employees have access to a reliable source of light for various situations, contributing to a safe and well-prepared work environment. Depending on the model, Eveready torches are designed for optimal battery efficiency, ensuring longer usage without frequent battery replacements.

Eveready Torch

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Eveready torches are a practical addition to office supplies.

Reliable Source of Light: Eveready torches provide a reliable source of light, ensuring that employees can navigate through dimly lit areas during power outages or emergencies.

Portable and Handy: Their design prioritizes portability and ease of carrying, ensuring convenience for tasks that necessitate additional illumination.

Durable Construction: The construction of Eveready torches ensures they endure regular use, providing longevity and dependability.

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