Nutro Glucose Biscuits

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Nutro Glucose Biscuits

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Nutro Glucose biscuits with milk and honey offer versatile enjoyment. They make for a convenient snack, providing quick energy and flavor. Additionally, their flavors complement hot beverages such as tea or coffee.

Nutro Glucose Milk &Honey Biscuits

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Crafted with a unique blend of milk and honey, Nutro Glucose biscuits combine the natural sweetness of honey with the creamy richness of milk. This combination enhances the flavor profile of the biscuits and potentially offers nutritional benefits.

Incorporating milk adds a dairy-rich element to the biscuits, contributing to a creamy taste while providing essential nutrients like calcium and protein. Honey, known for its potential antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, adds natural sweetness without relying on excessive refined sugars.

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