Alba Rado Box File – Black – Broad

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Alba Rado Box File – Black – Broad

Box files contribute to a clutter-free and organized workspace, promoting a more focused and productive work environment. They are often used for archiving documents that need to be retained for legal, historical, or reference purposes. They are also useful for temporary storage of documents that are not currently in use but need to be kept for reference.



A box file, also known as a document box or storage box, is a practical organizational tool commonly used in offices to store and manage important documents, files, and paperwork. It helps keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Here are some key features –

Document Organization: Box files are designed to store a significant number of documents, making them an efficient solution for keeping your paperwork organized and easily accessible.

Vertical Storage: Box files are designed to be stored vertically on shelves or in cabinets, maximizing space efficiency and accessibility.

Portability: Some box files feature handles or grips, making them easy to carry when you need to transport documents to meetings or different locations.

Quick Access: With labeled tabs and an organized system, you can quickly locate specific documents without searching through stacks of paper.

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