Modest L-shape Clear Folder – 1x100s

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Modest L-shape Clear Folder – 1x100s

The plastic material of clear folders is easy to wipe clean, which can be useful if you’re using them in environments where cleanliness is important. Clear folders offer some protection against spills and minor accidents, helping to shield your documents from potential damage. These folders can serve as a temporary or long-term storage solution for important documents that need to be retained for future reference.



Modest L-Shaped Clear Folder” refers to a clear plastic folder that is designed in an L-shaped configuration. These folders are commonly used to store and organize documents, papers, and materials in an efficient and visually accessible manner.

Clear Plastic Material: L-shaped clear folders are made from transparent plastic, usually PVC or polypropylene. This allows you to easily see the contents without having to open the folder.

L-Shaped Design: The “L-shaped” description often refers to the way the folder is constructed. One side of the folder typically has a flap that folds over the main compartment, creating an L-shape when the folder is closed.

Storage and Organization: Clear folders are used to hold and organize documents, reports, presentations and other materials. The L-shape can be particularly useful for keeping the contents secure.

Visibility: The transparency of the folder enables quick identification of the contents, which can be helpful in situations where you need to find specific documents without opening multiple folders.

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